Monday, 16 November 2009

Textual analysis :P

Front cover.

i compared three magazines: Mojo, Uncut and 'the word'.
they all share the same convention of having a masthead at the top, with ears.
Uncut and word have serif fonts, Word has an outline while uncut has a sort of shadow.

The Word has a red outline around its masthead.

uncut and the word both has medium close ups of famous artists or musicians.

they all feature their inside stores displayed on the cover in some way shape or form whether that be just plain text or some picture or text and pictures. the main images seem to always go with the main story. Mojo uses 70s style language to try to comunicate with a old fashioned audience. They are all music magazines but there's little musical language on the cover of uncut.

The word has provided page numbers on the front cover. while uncut and mojo havent.
the word has highlighted word on the front cover that draw the readers attention, the highlighted words are red against a blue background so they really stand out.

mojo has some of the words on its cover a different colour to the masthead.
this is again to draw a line between the differences between them.
all of these magazines had free CDs with them as it mentions in the ears.
Uncut uses large font to catch the eyes of the reader and to draw attention to the stories inside.
all the magazine have a way to catch the readers attention and identifiable mastheads.

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