Monday, 23 November 2009

Textual Analysis 2 contents page.

Mojo has a double page spread for its contents page, with text and page numbers on the left page and related images on the right. while The Word and Uncut have their contents on a single page, and a large advert on the other page.

Mojo and The Word have their page numbers in numerical order, while Uncut has its content and page numbers split into three catagories features, regulars and reviews. Mojo has its page numbers both next to its articles and next to/on its images.

Uncut's contents page is laid out like newspaper article, with a main image and text under it arranged into columms.

Uncut and The Word have a similarity in the contents page that being they have coverstory/on the cover written next to the articles that are on the cover.

The font of any good music magazine has to be clear and readable, the usual style used is a medium black font. Mojo and The Word use clear black font for their texts and articles in their contents page. Uncut has a brownish yellow for its articles but black text under them.
The word has large readible text compared to Uncut, Mojos text is prehapes a little larger than The Words text and larger than Uncuts text. Uncuts text is small and may be harder to read.

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