Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Textual Analaysis 3 :P double page spread.

Uncut magazine has a double page article on Bob Dylan, featuring a black and white image of the artist himself, shot in a medium close up. It's probably shot in this fashion to create a sense of nostalgia. on the other page lies a long title printed in large white font against a red background. Under the title is smaller white font detailing the article. under that text is a retangluar box with even smaller black text against a very light brown background laidout like a news paper clipping.

Mojo magazine has a double page article on Bobby Gillespie, featuring a colour image of the artist, with female performers in the background. the image is done with a midshot. The costumes the preformers have on are designed to make them look partly naked, to appeal to a male audience. The artcle features a short title printed with large red font against a white background.

The Word has a page spread article on John Msrtyn, featuring a colour image of the artist shot with light shineing on his face. the medium close up and lighting are used to show his emotion.

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